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                     Guangxi Dameng Manganese Industry  Group Co., Ltd .(GXDM)  is a large-scale multinational group company with manganese ore mining and dressing at home and abroad, manganese smelting and processing, battery producing, machinery engineering, accessories manufacturing, investment operation and export and import trade as a whole. GXDM was established under the permission of People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, which is a state-owned group company with its headquarter in Nanning,Guangxi,China. The registered capital of GXDM is 125,000,000. There are about 3000 staff/employees currently. As “Top 100 Corporations in Guangxi”, GXDM operates 10 branches and 3 shareholding companies, extends its businesses to the cities of Guangxi, such as Nanning , Liuzhou, Hezhou, Guilin, Chongzuo, Baise, and countries and regions abroad, such as Inndonesia, Singapore, South Africa, HongKong.

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